Chattp – chat on anywebsite with your friends

Chattp is a wonderful web tool. It allows its users to easily chat on any website by augmenting their browser windows with a real time chat panel on the left hand side. With this little handy app you can now enjoy the content of any webpage with whomever you share the link with. Educators can use it to collectively engage in the discussion of a particular webpage and share their info together. You can also use it with your students to talk about a certain paragraph or just ask them for their opinions about certain webpage.

Chattp is a very easy to use tool and does not require any complicated technology knowledge. It has a user friendly interface that will help you navigate the site very easily. Just remember that this tool is still in beta version which means that there may be major changes, bugs or unexpected downtime.

How can i get started using Chattp ?

Just head over to Chattp main page. Enter the URL of the webpage you want and click on Chattify button and “anyone you share your Chattp link for a specific page or website with will be able to participate in that chat. Each link is unique, so multiple chats can take place on any particular URL.

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