Sparchive – Convert Documents into PDF

Splarchive Is a cool website for educators. It allows its users to easily convert documents into PDF files for free. Splarchive, besides its PDF conversion utility, also enables its users to keep a record of their documents which means that you will never loose a document you have converted. This tool is really great for educators for it can save them all the hassle created by the other conversion tools. I highly recommend it for everyone of you.

Some features of Splarchive

Here are the main features that Splarchive offers to its users:
  • It is free

  • It is easy to use

  • It requires a registration

  • It allows you to convert documents into PDFs

  • It lets you read converted PDF files

  • It allows you to download converted files

  • It supports documents as large as 10 MB

How does Sparchive works ?

To get started using Splarchive all you need to do is to:
  1. head over to their main page and open your free account with them.

  2. email your documents to ( remember The documents you email should not be larger than 10MB and must be commonly used Office file formats )

  3. The file is then converted into PDF format with a link for download.

Watch this video to learn more about Sparchive

What is Splarchive? from David Vogler on Vimeo.

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That’s it about Sparchive – Convert Documents into PDF.

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