Reader Plus – enhance your favorite RSS reader

While i was browsing through the extensions of Google chrome i came across Reader Plus. This add-on is really great for it helps its users better organize and enhance their favorite RSS reader by adding several features. We probably all have our RSS readers and the best of them all is Google Reader which i use personally.  Acceding your daily feeds by going to your reader’s homepage takes time and sometimes you would even ignore the whole operation. Now with Reader Plus everything is at your hand and even right at your tab.

To install this extension you need to have Google Chrome as your browser and by the way if you are using other browsers then Chrome then  i highly advise you to use Chrome for it has several advantages over the others. I worked on Firefox , Opera, and Internet Explorer but i was never satisfied with its performance until i started using Chrome and for this very purpose i will be soon publishing an article entitled “the different reasons why you need to start using Chrome as your browser “ so stay tuned here.

Some features of Reader Plus

Here is a list of the main features that Reader Plus offers to its users:
  • It is free to use

  • It is simple

  • It helps you read, organize and enhance your feeds

  • It offers several features such as:

  1. adding favicons,

  2. fixing missing images in enclosures,

  3. better unread counter, better viewing on wider screens,

  4. fullscreen,

  5. preview,

  6. colored list view,

  7. filtering,

  8. multi columns display,

  9. jump top bottom,

  10. close entry,

  11. fit height,

  12. open in background tab,

  13. read by mouse,

  14. share news on Facebook,

  15. Twitter,

  16. Instapaper,

  17. ReadItLater,


  19. Blogger,


  21. AddThis,

  22. mark all as read,

  23. simple advertising remover,

  24. replacer items for comic strips,

  25. automatic translation,

  26. multiple stars like gmail™ labs,

  27. advanced filter and more

How can i get started using Reader Plus ?

To start the installation of Reader Plus you need to:
  1. Head over to Reader Plus main page

  2. Click on Install and wait for a few seconds

  3. The Reader Plus icon will be displayed on your browser

  4. Click on it to start customizing it

That’s it about Reader Plus – enhance your favorite RSS reader.

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