The best ways to use phones in the classroom

Phone Technology has rapidly grown that almost everyone has  a mobile device. This mobile technology boom has tremendously affected  the 21st century education. Teenagers are using phones on a larger scale but not all of them are using them for educational purposes. Our role as educators is to help them use their devices as learning materials and not just as socialising tools. In this regard, i want to share with you a great slideshow that summarizes the ways we can use Phones in the classroom. The ideas are consice and to the point. I highly recommend this presentation for you.
This presentation is taken from the wonderful website Ideas to Inspire and by the way if you have no idea about what this website is all about then i am sorry to tell you that you are missing on a huge educational resource. Check out the Ideas to Inspire you will definately love it/ It provides awesome presentations and slideshows about how to use technology in education and many more things.

Click on the Picture to read the presentation

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