MiMedia – a great back up system online

MiMedia is a great tool for educators. It is an online back up system for your files. It allows you to “protect, access, enjoy and share your digital life all in one place.” You can now access all you have stored from anywhere and not only that , MiMedia will also enable you to easily  share your photos and videos with just one click. Unlike other online back up tools, MiMedia lets you download, upload and also stream your data online.


Some features of MiMedia

Here is a list of the main features that MiMedia offers to its users:
  • It is both free and paid , the free version offers up to 7GB of free storage
  • It allows you to create a secured backup system for your files
  • It lets you upload, download, and stream data online.
  • It automatically backs up your files in real time over your broadband connection
  • It also lets you “send a private email link to friends and family; upload a new photo album to Facebook, or post photos and videos to your favorite social network newsfeeds. The process is easy and completely secure.”

How does MiMedia work ?

To learn how to use MiMedia , here is a short video tutorial for you to watch

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That’s it about MiMedia – a great back up system online.

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