Mobile devices no more cancer worries for kids

Today as i was checking my mail i came across USA Today Your Life newsletter and as i was going over the articles included in this edition a catchy title drew my attention ; Cellphones don't increase cancer risk in kids, study says. The article was a great paper about study results proved scientifically debunking the cancer myth connected with the use of cellpones. There is an excerpt ;
The study's authors compared the cellphone habits of nearly 1,000 children in Western Europe, including 352 with brain tumors and 646 without. Kids who used cellphones were no more likely to develop a brain tumor than others, according to the study of children ages 7 to 19, published online Wednesday in the Journal of the National Cancer Institute.

If you want to read the whole article something which i highly recommend since we are educators  using mobile technology with kids then i invite you to check Cellphones don't increase cancer risk in kids

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