Cartoonizer – cartonize your cat

Cartoonizer is acool web application . It allows its users to create funny cartoon version of their cats in seconds. What i like about this tool is the fact that it enables students and especially younger ones to be creative and expand their way of perceiving the surrounding things around them including pets.



Cartoonizer is very easy to use. You just need to choose from 9  different parts including the body, head, tail, eyes, ears, mouth, pupils, and whiskers. There are also various marking to apply to your cartoon such as stripes and shading.




Once you finish working on your cat you can then customize  and save it and get back to it to edit it anytime you want using the provided key. When you get the final version of your cartonized  cat you can then print it out or export it.


If you want to explore other cartoon tools then i invite you to check The Best Free Cartoon Making Tools.

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