Clockwords – improve typing and vocabulary skills

Clockwords is a cool mobile game. It allows its users to test both their vocabulary and their typing skills. The game is set in a Victorian London and it is all about an inventor that is you who tries to protect his laboratory from infiltrated mechanical insects that have come to steal his secrets. To prevent the loss of your labs’ secrets you need to quickly type words into the dialogue box .The game is pretty interesting and you will like it for sure just be careful not to grow addictive to it.

In case you are interested in improving you typing skills and mastering keyboarding you can check out this page i have created solely for educators in need of some typing help. I have assembled the best free typing apps together with their tutorials to show you how to use them. Check The best typing apps for educators.

Some features of Clockwords

Here is a list of the main features that Clockwords offers to its users:
  • It is free

  • It is easy and simple to use

  • It has intuitive interface

  • It enables its users to practice their vocabulary skills

  • It also allows them to improve their typing skills

  • It has different levels of difficulty

  • It has three acts : act 1 is already present but the others are expected soon

How can i get started using Clockwords ?

This is short video tutorial to show you how to play this game

applications of Clockwords in education

Clockwords is a great educational game that teachers can introduce to their students. Let them practice their vocabulary items and learn new ones and all in a funny competitive atmosphere. Students will also learn how to type fast which is a skill much needed in the 21st century learning.
If you want to discover other games that you can use with your students then i invite you to check Educational mobile games.
That's it about Clockwords – improve typing and vocabulary skills.

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