Diigodroid – Access Diigo Bookmaks Anywhere

Diigodroid is a great mobile app. It allows its users to bookmark their favorite websites from the browser into their Diigo account. Diigo is a social bookmarking service that millions of users all around the world are using  and there is even a special section for educators where they share bookmarks . This section  is called Diigo Educators. If you do not have a Diigo account then there is no need to continue reading this post but i highly recommend you to open an account there and start interacting with your fellow educators from all around the globe. It is worth having an account with them and you won’t regret it i am sure.

Some features of Diigodroid

Here are some of the main features that Diigodroid offers to its users:
  • It is free

  • It is easy and simple to use

  • It has a user-friendly interface

  • It allows its users to bookmark their favorite URLs from Diigo

  • It has a fast load time

  • It is compatible with Android

How can i get started using Diigodroid ?

To start Diigodroid you need to have a Diigo account.
  1. Install the Diigodroid app on your android

  2. Click on its icon in the application list

  3. Log in to Diigo website

  4. Press the Menu button

  5. Select Share page

Select Diigo then “ then direct your browser to Diigo’s mobile link posting page, where you can add tags and a description if you like. After you submit the link, you’ll be returned to the original page. It’s that simple.”
If you are using Delicious as your bookmarking website then there is an ap to install on your mobile that can allow you to read your saved bookmarks wherever you are, check out : Andricious – Save, Search and Add Bookmarks on The Go .

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