TunesIQ – a cool song-guessing game for your students

TunesIQ is a a great website. It is basically a song-guessing game that tests your musical knowledge. It is a fun game that can challenge students‘ motivation and interaction. I really prefer to use this game with students in special occasions for example at the end of semesters. What i really like about this web application is that it allows you to make your own quizzes by adding the songs you choose. The tunes for the songs are mainly from YouTube.

TunesIQ involves audio being played with song options to choose from on the right hand. The more songs you guess correctly the higher you score.

Some features of LyricsNMusic

here is a list of the main features that LyricsNMusic offers to its users:
  • It is free

  • It is simple to use

  • It allows its users play songs and add their own ones

  • It offers a song-guessing game

  • It lets you create quizzes and share them with friends.

Applications of LyricsNMusic in education

Is there anything better than finding a funny way to create your own quizzes for your students to enjoy working on? LyricsNMusic will allow you to create an educational healthy fun with your students via playing song-guessing. They can compete with each other and compare their scores. I am quite sure they will  love it so much. Go ahead and give it a try.
There are also other cool musical web applications that you can use with your students. Check out The Educational Musical Tools.

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