Timer Tab – an effective way to organize your time

Timer-Tab is a cool chrome extension. It is a free add-on offered by Google Chrome to its users to help them set their alarm , Timer, or stopwatch with the countdown in the Tab icon and Tab Title. In fact, there are many extensions offered for free by both Chrome and Firefox to help users better manipulate their internet surfing and render it much more enjoyable. There are many things we can do just by installing extensions such as: annotations, web clipping, checking page rank, bookmarking and so on. I am actually working on an article entitled “ a list of educational extensions for your browser” which i will publish here very soon. I will be talking about the best extensions that educators must be using  and their direct applications on teaching an learning so stay tuned with me here to get the latest updates.

Back to our ship, Timer Tab is very useful for those who are so meticulous about their time. They can set alarms and choose videos from YouTube to use them as their audio alarm. I have tried this video alarm thing but unfortunately it could not get me up and going it is probably because i am a heavy sleeper lol

Some features of Timer Tab

Here is a list of the main features that Timer Tab offers to its users:
  • It is free

  • It needs a quick installation

  • It is easy to use

  • It helps users set their alarm clock, timers, and stopwatch

  • It offers several extra features like:

  1. choose any YouTube clip to use as the audio alarm

  2. works offline

  3. choose any image URL to use as background image

optional sound and chrome notification
keyboard control -- arrow keys: control inputs, f: toggle  full screen, space: toggle pause
full screen countdown by clicking on the countdown
use the "tab to search" chrome feature to set the timer

How can i get started using Timer Tab ?

Before you start the installation of this extension on your browser you can try it out first in their website: http://www.timer-tab.com
Now if you liked it then here is how to install it:
  1. head over to Timer Tab extension

  2. Click on the install box and wait for few seconds

  3. Now a new icon will be displayed on your browser tab you can click on it to customize your Timer Tab

That’s it about Timer Tab – an effective way to organize your time.

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