StudyMaster – a powerful flash card mobile app

StudyMaster is a great app for educators. It allows its users to study thoroughly by doing efficient reviews. It also lets you organize your data in the form of  workbook. There are several workbooks posted on the server by users such as you , you can browse these workbooks and try to work on the ones that interest you. Just remember that “ It is recommended that creating a workbook be done by Tab format, New line or QA on And if you store the original txt file, you can easily fix the workbook whenever you want.”

StudyMaster features a section called ‘ Study Group’ which facilitates sharing workbook between group members particularly on specific subjects.
StudyMaster is using a sophisticated algorithm to keep the system running. read this excerpt :
StudyMaster is using Weighted Random Algorithm for question extraction in ‘Solving Questions’. With this algorithm, which lower the frequency of questions that users solve easily and concentrate on questions that users feel difficulty, we can be able to maximize the efficiency of learning. We are also able to properly establish unanswered questions with appropriate frequency.
By going over the workbook multiple times with many questions, you can understand and ultimately memorize your workbook thoroughly.

How can i get started using StudyMaster ?

Here is a short video tutorial to show you how to use StudyMaster ( the video is not in English but has English subscriptions )

Remember that StudyMaster is compatible only with Android 2.1 and up.
That’s it about StudyMaster – a powerful flash card mobile app.

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