semisilent- free managing calls app

SemiSilent is a great mobile app. It allows its users to control their calls in such a way that only people important to you can call you. I know this is summer holidays and we all want some time for ourselves with our families without any disturbance from others. I personally look for summer because i always take a two weeks break and travel to the States to enjoy my free time and during all this period i keep my phone off . I know i miss important calls but now with this handy app i can manage my calls very wisely.

Cell phones are both fantastic and terrible devices . They allow us to be available to anyone at any time and if you switch them off you might risk missing urgent calls. So you either be available but potentially interrupted or be able to focus and be unreachable. With SemiSilent you will be able to select which of your contacts you want to be available for all the time without being disturbed by the rest of the world. You just need to set your phone to silent mode and once “one of the contacts you selected through SemiSilent calls you , your ringer will be turned on so you don't miss their call”.

SemiSilent requires Android 2.0 and up and is completely free. There is just a little inconvenience for the moment which is that SemiSilent  has issues with  Samsung Moment and the Epic 4g and so does not work correctly on either of these models.

How can i get started using SemiSilent

Here is a short video tutorial to show you how you can use this app

What do you think ? do you like it ? if there is any issue with it then drop me some lines down and thanks.

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