Wapedia – Search Wikipedia quickly

Wapedia is a great Android mobile app. It allows its users to access Wikipedia the fastest way possible. It has been selected as one of the best android apps of this year. Wikipedia is the starting point for most of the  searches students do online and providing them with an app that can speed up their online searching can have a huge positive influence on their mobile learning. Wapedia is the ideal mobile app to introduce to them.

Some features of Wapedia

here is a list of the main features that Wapedia offers to its users:
  • It is free

  • It is easy to use

  • It has intuitive interface

  • It allows you to quickly search Wikipedia

  • It offers featured Wiki content such as news

  • It also offers alternative wikis (Wikiquote, Uncyclopedia, Wikitravel, wikis about games and TV shows,

  • It provides search widgets for instant wiki search

  • It supports 150 Wikipedia languages

  • It is compatible with Android

How can i get started using Wapedia ?

To learn how to use this handy app , here is a video tutorial for you

There many other mobile apps that can help your students improve their mobile learning, check out Educational Mobile Apps to discover more.

That’s it about Wapedia – Search Wikipedia quickly.

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