ChannelME – Browse the web with your friends simultaneously

ChannelME is a great web tool. It allows its users to browse a particular website simultaneously. Isn't this a great idea to be able to look at the same content of a web page with your friends  in real time and even chat with each other using a chat facility for free. Browsing a webpage with your friends simultaneously  can help you bridge that communication gap and  let you enjoy the site collectively by pointing out to its positive and negative aspects.

Some features of  ChannelME

Here is a list of the main features that ChannelME offers to its users:
  • It is free

  • It is simple to use

  • It has a user – friendly interface

  • It lets you browse the web with your friends simultaneously

  • You can even chat with each other while browsing the site

  • you and your friends leave notes on the site

  • You can drag and drop notes

How does ChannelME works ?

As i said before, ChannelME is very easy to use. Just provide it with the URL and it will automatically create a virtual browsing room for you and your friends. You can share the generated URL with your colleagues who, once they open it, they will be asked  to provide a nickname which will allow them to chat with each others while browsing.
Remember links on the web page are clickable

Applications of ChannelME in education

Educators will find ChannelME very useful in the sense that they can use it with their students to browse certain WebPages together. You can provide them with a URL of a page you find interesting for them and try to discover it together using the chat service. I think it is one of the best online collaborative tool for teachers.
If you want to learn more about such tools and how to use them with your students you are invited to visit Educational Collaborative tools .

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