Three Great Facebook mobile apps for iPad

Facebook is probably one of the best social gurus of the net and millions are using it on a daily basis. The iPad users are not yet happy with Facebook because this latter has not yet released an official mobile app for the iPad. There were rumors that such an app will soon be launched but nothing is sure. So if you are an iPad user and want to enjoy your  Facebook experience in an interface that is native for the iPad then here are three mobile apps that can help you do so:

Facely HD




Facely is similar to Facebook in that the profile page is organized in the same way as Facebook one. You can write status updates or upload pictures from your iPad. The only problem is that there is no way to share links. It has two version one is free and the other costs $0.99 and is ad free.





MyPad is a great mobile app for facebook. In fact it connects with both Facebook and Twitter so i would consider it better than Facely. MyPad allows its users to to view content, write status updates, attach a link and even publish your  update to Twitter automtically. There are also many other interesting features that you can find once you visit the app’s page. MyPad is free but MyPad+  costs  $0.99.






FriendCaster is a great app for Facebook. It does work in the same way as Facebook but with some lacking features like sharing a photo or a link from the status update box. On the other hand FreidnCaster lets you  view shared photos or videos from within the news feed, view the news feed in a stream, download pictures, “like” them or comment on them and many more other features.

If you ask me about my favorite app then i would opt for MyPad.

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