BookletCreator – turn your PDFs into Awesome Booklets

BookletCreator is a great web application that we can use in educations. As its name entails , it enables users to easily and quickly convert any PDF document to a printable booklet. We, sometimes, love to read docs in paper format and PDF is one of the best ones available but today i am introducing BookletCare that will add another touch to your reading experience. This app does all for you , it reorders the pages in such a way that when you print your documents they will be easily folded into a booklet.

Some features of BookletCare

here are the main features that BookletCare offers to its users:
  • It offers a free download

  • It is easy and simple to use

  • It has intuitive interface

  • It allows you to turn docs and PDFs into awesome booklets

  • It does not require any sign up

  • PDF document should have “Portrait” paper orientation

  • If you have a large document you can use “pages per booklet” feature to split the document into multiple booklets

How does BookletCare work ?

First you need to make sure that the documents that you want to turn into Booklets are in PDF format and if they are not then you need to convert them into PDF using PDF Conversion tools.
  1. Upload your PDF document

  2. Run the BookletCreator to process the docs

  3. Download the ready file

  4. Print it out and follow the given instructions to turn pages into a booklet

Here is a detailed list of the instructions you need to follow to turn docs into a booklet.
That’s it about BookletCreator – turn your PDFs into Awesome Booklets.

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