A CLEANER YOUTUBE – clean your videos for school

A Cleaner Youtube is a great tool for educators. It is a browser extension that works with chrome, Firefox, and Safari. This extension works in the same way as the other Youtube Tools i have covered here for they all delete distractive features around videos and make them more attractive. Among the distractive features that annoy the viewer especially , in our case, students are advertisements, suggested videos, related videos, and comments. Sometimes we might come across a very good video that we want to share with our students but when we look to the right or under it we see vulgar language , inappropriate content or even nudity scenes all of which are not healthy for an educational milieu like classroom . As a solution to this, many applications and software's have been developed for the sole purpose of liberating Youtube videos from all these distractive features rendering it , thus, more student-friendly.

There are actually a number of  tools that are designed specifically to omit all the inappropriate content from YouTube video page and i have devoted a whole page just for the revision of these tools. I have tried all of them and guess what ? they worked perfectly well. If you want to check some of these tools then you are invited to visit Youtube Tools and pick up the ones you like though all of them are equally important.
Back to today’s tool. A Cleaner Youtube is a little bit different from all these tools for it does not only delete all the distractive features around YouTube videos but it also allows you to search Youtube without viewing any of the related videos or other accompanying staff.

Applications of A Cleaner Youtube

This is a great tool for educators. If you have access to YouTube at your school then do not forget to install A Cleaner Youtube on your browser and try to use it with your students without having to worry about t accidentally coming across an inappropriate comment or advertisement. Do not forget to check the other Educational Youtube Tools to learn more about how other tools can help you use Youtube in the best educational way possible.

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