Mapeas – Contextuaize Your Search Queries

Mapeas is a cool website that educators can use in their classrooms. It allows its users to Geographically look for content about certain topics. I love this tool for it contextualizes the content and renders it much more relevant.
 Mapeas is not an encyclopedia though it functions in the same way encyclopedias do and it is not a search engine for its search algorithm is not as sophisticated as search engines, i would rather call it a directory for news and stories all around the world connected to a specific geographical location.

How does Mapeas works ?

Mapeas is very simple to use and does not require any sign up or download. Just head over to Mapeas main page and click on any circle on the map to zoom-in on a location and select a story.

bear in mind that stories are provided by the Associated Press, AFP, ABC, NBC, and Fox. When you click on a post you will be directed to articles or videos for further reading.

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