super search idea generator

Super Search Idea Generator is a cool mobile app for educators. I really like its design and the concept behind its creation. This app helps you generate interesting ideas to include in your search paper or inside your classroom. It is like a brainstorming tool with a slight difference in that Super Search works in such a smart way that you do not need to exhaust your brain.

Super Search Idea Generator can be used by anyone with an interest in technology. The purpose is to spark your creativity and stimulate your imagination. With this app installed on your mobile device you will have access to tons of ideas that can be productively used for the classroom or even the boardroom.

Some features of Super Search Idea Generator

Here is a list of the main features that Super Search offers to its users:
  • It is free

  • It has an intuitive interface

  • It is easy and simple to use

  • It helps you generate important ideas for your discussion or search paper

  • It offers over 1 billion possible combinations

  • It allows  to lock words in the picker while still refreshing the questions.

  • You can add your own word to any of the three fields in the picker and save those words across sessions

  • It has Hand-crafted” list of words designed to provide unique, stimulating (and sometimes humorous) combinations of questions

Applications of Super Search Idea Generator

Super Search Idea Generator is a mobile app that educators should be aware of and i would really love to see some of you give it a try and see what they can do with it. Here is an excerpt to show you what it can be used for written by Tapku ( the app engineer ):
finding a good answer is hard, but asking a creative question can be even more challenging—and more rewarding. This is why we made Super Research Idea Generator. Designed by a PhD student studying communication and rhetoric and an undergraduate computer science major, Super Research Idea Generator is perfect for jumpstarting your academic imagination. Coming up with a good research question is the key to writing an insightful paper or leading an inspired discussion. Super Research Idea Generator will help you think of interesting questions you can use to begin your research. It’s perfect not just for research papers, but you can use it for presentations or leading discussion in class. It works just as well for teachers as for students.

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