Alphabet Organizer – Organize and Summarize Alphabetically

Alphabet Organizer is a great tool offered for free by Read Write Think website. It allows its users to sort out words or list of terms using the alphabetical order. You can organize items under a specific letter or even go further than that to create an alphabet book with words for each letter of the alphabet. This interactive tool enables students to print an alphabet chart or pages for an alphabet book.

How can i get started using Alphabet Organizer ?

Head over to Alphabet Organizer main page
Click on Get Started

A pop up window will be displayed

now enter your name and title and click on ok
now select from the options you have on this new window ,

remember if you want to disable the sound that clicks make just click on the mic icon on the top of the page
Now select letter to add words to your alphabet organizer and click continue

When you are done then choose your printing options

Applications of Alphabet Organizer in education

Alphabet Organizer is a great educational tool. It has several applications for classroom teaching. Learners can use it to learn about new words , they can also use it to create sort of little dictionary like notebook where to gather all the new words they have seen during the school year and then share them with each other. Elementary and higher students can use it for brainstorming and discussion of background knowledge about a topic.
That’s it about Alphabet Organize – Organize and Summarize Alphabetically.

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