Qwiki – Multimedia alternative to Textbooks

Qwiki is a great multimedia encyclopedia. It allows its users to browse through more than three million entries. I really like this kinda search engine and deciced to include it withing the Teacher Resources tab. Qwiki contains millions of popular topics that you can search very easily using their search tab. What i really like about Qwiki is the fact that it is powered by a smart technology that transforms static information into interactive stories giving it a whole different ”information experience”.

Some features of Qwiki

Here are the main services and features that Qwiki offers to its users :
  • It is free to use

  • It is very simple and has a nice looking interface

  • It has millions of multimedia entries

  • You can search any indexed term and qwiki will generate an information experience describing it

  • It has now started to allows users to interact with the information they read by contributing to it

  • You can watch , read, and listen to any Qwiki entry you search

  • You can also find related materials by clicking the “ Q” symbol that is under its play bar

  • You can embed Qwiki into your blog or website

  • You can also share your Qwikis with others using Facebook, Twitter, or Email options

How can i get started using Qwiki ?

It is very easy to use , just head over to Qwiki main page
Type in a search term into its search bar or
simply choose a topic from the featured topics on the homepage

Applications of Qwiki in education

As i said before Qwiki is an easy tool and educators can use it in different ways. They can browse it to look for topics they teach and get Qwikis to share with their students in the classroom. The Qwiki format will make students look forward to explore it. I think it is a better alternative to textbooks.
That’s it about Qwiki – Multimedia alternative to Textbooks.

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