Wikihood – Explore The world with Wikipedia and Google Maps

Wikihood is a cool mobile app that is completely free. You can tell from its name what this app is all about. It combines the power of Google map and Wikipedia. With this little application installed on your iPhone or iPad you can start exploring the world. You can also use Wikihood web version right from your browser. The way it works is very easy and you do not need any extra technological knowledge to start using it.

What can i use Wikihood for ?

I know you will be asking yourself this question but don't worry here is  what we can do with this mobile app :
You can use Wikihood to locate places together with info about them in related clickable article entries provided by Wikipedia. Juts hover over a map and click on your placemarks.You can also use the search box to look for places or famous events.
The best option of this app is the “ locate Me” service which allows users to browse their local areas and generate a series of articles related to their specific area.

Watch this video to learn more about Wikihood

Applications of Wikihood in Education

I know Geography teachers will be happy to hear about this for it will allow them to better search for places together with articles say historical events attached to those places and provide them for their students. This is really a better way to expose students to the real life learning and let them explore all kinds of places and events right from their devices.
That’s it about Wikihood – Explore The world with Wikipedia and Google Maps.

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