Screenr – Easy Screencast making tool

Screenr is a great web tool. It is a web-based screen recorder that allows its users to create and share their screencasts around the web. It is dead easy to use and does not require any software download. Screenr is the best way to start creating tutorials and lessons to share with your students. Long time ago i used to wonder how these people create video tutorials and embed them in their blogs or websites and i used to think that one has to be a a technology savvy to do that but experience has proved me wrong. These video recordings you watch on youtube and on the  other how-to video platforms are very easy to make , they might even be easier than you ever thought.


Some features of Screenr

Here is a list of the main features that Screenr provides for its users:
  • It is free

  • It requires a sign up

  • You can sign up with your Twitter, Facebbok, or Google account

  • It doe not require any software to install

  • It is completely web based and you can run it on any browser with internet connection

  • It allows you to make a screencast recording of what you are doing on your computer

  • You can make recordings of up to 5 minutes long

  • You can embed your recordings in your blog, wiki, or website

How can i get started using Screenr ?

Head over to Screenr main page and sign up for a free account or use your other accounts to sign in
Now watch this video tutorial to learn more about how to use Screenr

Applications of Screenr in education

Screenr is a very good tool for educators. You can use it to create video tutorials about complicated formulae or to walk your students through a step by step process of a part of a lesson. Remember students love media clips and if these clips are made by their own teacher they can even be much more impressed and therefore you can guarantee a higher percentage of interaction. Give Screenr a try and see by yourself.
That’s it about Screenr – Easy Screencast making tool.

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