Timeline – free graphic organizer

Timeline is a free graphic organizer created by Read Write Think. It allows students to organize their notes into engaging timelines that features five different units of measure namely: date, time,event,entry or other. Students ,upon selecting the appropriate entry, can add specific descriptions and place it on the timeline. To navigate through the timeline they simply need to click on the relevant entry they want and then there they go. It is really a great tool for teachers to use with their students

How can i get started using Timeline ?

Head over to Timeline main page
Enter the title and author name

choose the unit of measure : date, time, event, entry, other
click on next and provide the info requested and when you are done you can then print it out

Applications of Timeline in Education

Both teachers and students can use Timeline to organize their notes into a sequence of time that they can navigate at the instant of a click. They can also use it to brainstorm the main stages of a process especially in biology and chemistry. For language teachers Timeline can be useful in organizing the English tenses into an axe of time easily understandable by students.

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