The Plot Diagram-free grapgic organizers

The Plot Diagram is a free graphic organizer offered for free by our great resource Read Write Think. This tool is mainly an organizational tool which is shaped like a triangle or better say a pyramid. It is used to map the events of a story in literature work . It clearly demonstrates in a graphic way the main features of the plot structure like the beginning, climax and end. Of course we can use The Plot Diagram to organize any kind of info be it literary or any other things.

How can i get started using The Plot Diagram ?

Head over to Plot Diagram main page
Fill in the boxes with project title and name

then drag it to the triangle

click on print to print it out

Applications of The Plot Diagram in education

Elementary and higher students will be happy to see this graphic organizer. It will definitely help them structure reading passages in novels and other literary productions. I wish i had this tool way back when i was in the university , we had to do all manually but now the graphic representation of the plot structure has made it completely clear even for the blind to see how the story is structured. It can be used both as a prewriting activity prompting students to constitute a coherent story out of a given plot or as a post reading task as students fill in the triangle with info about the story stages.

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