Bio Cube: Summarize a person’s biography easily

Bio Cube is another educational tool that is offered for free by Read Write Think. It allows students to summarize a person’s biography into a neat and well organized sort of outline. It has an intuitive interface where info are organized into different categories. The final printout you get after you are done with customization can be folded into a fun cube shape that can be used for future reference.

How can i get started using Bio Cube ?

Head over to Bio Cube main page
Click Get started, a popup window will be displayed

Now fill in the requested information , click on any number to rotate the cube

  1. person’s name , time and place
  2. Personal background
  3. Personality traits
  4. Significance
  5. Biggest obstacle
  6. Important quotation
Just don’t forget to print out your cube for it will not be save online

Applications of Bio Cube in education

Bio Cube is extremely important in education. It can have several uses and the first one of them is to allow students to make interesting autobiographies about persons they study. They can also use it as a pre-reading or pre-writing activity to brainstorm ideas about a certain figure. Students can also use it to write their own autobiography  and share cubes with each other. With Bio Cube students will be able to effectively synthesize what they have learnt.
That’s it about Bio Cube: Summarize a person’s biography easily.

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