The Story Map – free graphic organizers

The Story Map is a free set of graphic organizers designed to help teachers and students in prewriting and post reading activities. It contains four key elements of the story together with their graphic representations mainly : Character Map, Conflict Map, Resolution Map, and Setting Map. They all make it easy for students to both create their own stories based on a solid and coherent story line or simply revise the major events and characters in a story. At the end of each work , Story Map gives you the ability to print out the final version for feedback and assessment.

How can i get started using The Story Map ?

Head over to Story Map main page
Fill in your name and tile

select one of the following :

Character Map

 Conflict Map

 Resolution Map

 Setting Map

Applications of Story Map in education

Students can use the four key elements of the Story Map to develop multiple characters either in preparation for writing their own pieces of fiction or as a reflection tool to analyze the characters from stories they have read. You can think of many other ways to integrate this free graphic organizer into your classroom teaching just don’t forget to drop us a line here if you have new ideas.

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