Essay Map – free interactive graphic organizer

Essay Map is a free interactive graphic organizer. It is designed with the aim of improving students’ writing skills. It is like a graphic outline that features the main stages for writing an essay. It has a part for the introduction, and one for developing ideas and the last one for conclusion. I like how this graphic sheet is organized for it saves you time to get your ideas organized and gives you an esthetic boost that your moral needs to produce a good piece of writing.The finished map can be saved, e-mailed, or printed.

how can i get started using Essay Map ?

Head over to Essay Map main page and click on get started
Enter your name and topic

Write your introduction

Provide your main ideas and click on the arrow under it

Provide your supporting ideas and click on the arrow under it

Now enter your conclusion and click on finish

and this is how it would look at the end

Applications of Essay Map in education

Essay Map is a great tool for improving students’ writing skills. It will help students develop an outline that contains introductory statement, main body with featured ideas and supporting details, and conclusive notes that summarize the whole gist of the essay. Students’ writing style will be organized and much more refined. If you have not tried this interactive graphic organizer then i strongly advise you to give it a try , you will love it for sure. Best of luck.

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