Notetaker – free graphic organizers

ReadWrite Think Notetaker is a  graphic organizer offered for free by Read Write Think. It is mainly a hierarchical outlining tool which allows students to organize their information into up to five levels. This is indeed a great organizational tool that educators can use to take notes on their readings and research. It can also be used to plan, revise and organize writings. On finishing working on your writing , Notetaker creates an HTML file that you can print, save or edit later in any HTML editor.

How can i get started using Notetateker ?

Head over to Notetaker main page
provide your name and title

and select the outline style you want to use and click on next
Tutorial page will pop up you can either click to read it or just skip it

Now fill in you info and click preview before you print them

Applications of Notetaker in education

Notetaker is an organizational tool that students can use both in their reading and writing activities.For example , if students are preparing a project work or a classroom presentation they can use it to assemble ideas sort them out and organize their final notes. They can also use it as a prewriting tool to organize their information and review what should and should not be included in the last draft.

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