I Love PDF - merge or split PDF files

I love PDF  is a great tool for educators. We all love portable document format files for they are easy to read and do not drain our eyes as other formats do. Today i am introducing you to I Love PDF which is a free service that allows its users to either merge several PDF files into one or split them. This tool is very easy to use and does not require any download or installation software. Everything is done online and it takes only a few clicks to get your PDFs both merged and split.

How can istart using I Love PDF ?

Head over to I Love PDF main page then you can either :
click on merge PDF files

then click on select PDF files
You can select multiple files by maintaining pressed 'Ctrl'
a new link will be generated for you to see your merged PDF files
You can merge up to 10 PDF files in one and each PDF can be up to 8MB
Click on Split PDF files

now follow the same steps as will be provided for you
Remember The download link is available for 15 minutes.
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