Show Me – a great learning app

Show Me is a great learning app for educators. It allows its users to create and share lessons on the iPad. It offers a nice and intuitive whiteboard surface where lessons can be shared very easily.This app , though still in closed beta, looks like it is going to be a great app for educators. Teachers can use it to create lessons on the go and share them with their students. I am hoping Show Me will go open to public in this summer for it is the ideal tool  for this season when teachers have much more free time to create nice staff to share with their learners. I have picked up this video to let you have an idea about what this app is going to be all about.

If you want to get an instant access to Show Me and be the first to be informed when it is officially launched then submit your email to Show Me.

ShowMe iPad App from San Kim on Vimeo.
That’s it about Show Me – a great learning app.

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