Image Embellisher – Easily Apply Special Effects to your Images

Image Embellisher is a great web 2.0 tool . It allows its users to quickly and easily add special effects to their images. This tool is very simple to use and is completely free. I know there are plenty of image editing tools out there but for us in education we always look for the best and simplest ones.

Some features of Image Embellisher

Here are the main features that Image Embellisher offers to its users:
  • It is free
  • It does not require any registration
  • It is simple to use
  • It allows you to apply special effects to images
  • You do not need to install any special software on your computer
  • You can run it on Windows, Linux, Mac and other systems
  • You can download the final version of your image to your computer

How can i get started using Image Embellisher ?

As i said before Image Embellisher is very easy to use and it takes only few clicks to create beautiful images. here is how to do it:
1 Pick the image effect
There are several image effects there for you to pick from

2 select your image
use the browse button , you can customize and resize your image
3 click on submit
a new image will be automatically generated for you.
4 Download
Now after you are done with your image you can download it to your computer.

Applications of Image Embellisher in Education

Image Embellisher is a great tool for educators. They can use it to generate beautiful pictures to include in their multimedia presentations. I love the freedom this tool offers to its readers, invite students to try it and you will see how creative they are in doing amazing staff with Image Embellisher.
That’s it about Image Embellisher – Easily Apply Special Effects to your Images.

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