Word with Friends – free social gaming mobile app

Word with Friends is another free mobile app for games. I decided to include it in the educational mobile games I am sorting out in this blog because of its importance in education. As i have already said in The Educational Mobile Games post, our purpose ,now that the summer holidays are on the doors, is to equip our students with educational apps to help them keep learning even when they are having rest. Games are one of the key factors to help students achieve this goal. We have already covered Math Workout which is a brain training game and today we will talk about Word with Friends.

Words with Friends is one of the best gaming applications online that is completely free. It allows you to build words and play with your friends in such a competitive atmosphere that renders learning such a great fun. It is your first step towards a solid social gaming experience.

Some features of Words with Friends

Here is a list of the main features that Words with Friends offer to its users:
  • It is completely free

  • It is easy to use

  • It is compatible with Android and IOS

  • It has a user-friendly interface

  • It has a simple crossword game play

  • It lets you play more than 20 games simultaneously

  • You can either with one of your friends or you can match-make with a random opponent

  • It offers an in-game chat service to keep in touch with your friends

  • It automatically issues notifications to inform you when its your turn

That’s it about Word with Friends – free social gaming mobile app.

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