Zoom.it - see all the details of an image

Zoom.it is a great photo tool. It allows its users to view and share high resolution imagery. It creates a display of your images in such a way that you can zoom in, zoom out and scroll around any image to see all its beautiful details and explore the whole image no matter how large it is. Zoom.it uses the Deep Zoom technology to give its users a new way to experience their imagery.

Some features of Zoom.it

here are the main features that Zoom.it provides for its users:
  • It is free
  • It is easy to use
  • It is simple
  • It allows you to display large images in blogs, wikis, and websites
  • It offers zooming and scrolling options
  • Images need to be  hosted online
  • It lets you share your images with other people using a direct link
  • You can also embed your images in blogs and wikis

How can i get started using Zoom.it ?

It is really very easy to handle. Jut head over to Zoom.it main page and paste the URL of the image you want to zoom and hit create.

It will take a few seconds for the application to start and when it is displayed then you can choose from the options available on the dashboard what action to take
If you want to share it click on the link Zoom.it generates for you and send it your friends and colleagues.
That’s it about Zoom.it –-see all the details of an image.

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