Doodle- Easy Group Scheduling tool

Doodle is a great web application. It is a tool for scheduling meetings. If you are planning a meeting with different people and you don't want to impose your opinion on them as for the timing of that meeting then use Doodle to make a poll and invite your group members to vote for an appropriate time when they can all meet. It offers a democratic way for scheduling meetings. I like this application and i know we can benefit from it in education and that’s why i am suggesting it to you here.

Some features of Doodle

Here are the main features that Doodle offers to its users
  • It is partly free , there are some features that are premium but the free services are enough for us in education

  • It does not require a sign up but still having an account there is the best way to benefit from its features.

  • It allows you to schedule events and make choices

  • If you are registered you can keep track of all the polls you have made

  • You can connect  your calendar to Doodle and start using its interface to answer meeting requests

  • You can use the”meet me” feature to let your friends and colleagues know when you are available

  • You can share your scheduled events with your contact on Doodle

  • It offers both the mobile Web app and a native App for the iPhone and Android

How can i get started using Doodle ?

You need to log to Doodle main page and sign up for a free account
watch this video tutorial to learn more about how to use it

Applications of Doodle in Education

As i mentioned earlier Doodle can be a very useful tool for us in education. We can use it to schedule meeting time with our colleagues in the same school or anywhere else. School team can also use it to organize their own school related  meetings .
That’s it about Doodle- Easy Group Scheduling tool.

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