Mr. Printables - Free k-12 flashcards and graphic organizers

Mr. Printables is a great resource for educators looking for printable flashcards , games, puzzles, coloring pages, calendars and many more. Mr. Printables is a useful educational tool for kids, teachers, and parents. It provides a huge selection of flashcards covering various learning topics such as mathematics, drawing, the alphabets, basic vocabulary ,shapes, scrapbooking, planners, geometry, numbers , words , and more.

All these resources are free to use for a personal non commercial use. They are available as PDFs that you can download very easily.

Why using flashcards in learning/ teaching after all ?

This is a good question to ask yourself before you pick up any material from this site or other sites that provide free graphic organizers or printable flashcards. In fact there are many reasons why educators must use these materials in their classrooms. Here is a list of the main of them:
  1. Flashcards develop students critical thinking
  2. They help develop students creative thinking
  3. They help them learn by doing
  4. They are fun and students interact way better with them then with other plain materials
  5. They are handy and easy to use
  6. They improve memory retention skills for students
  7. They boost students’ self- esteem, motivation and achievement especially in early life.

These are in brief some of the pluses behind the use of flashcards in the classroom with students. Now head over to Mr. Printables and select the materials you would like to include in your future lessons; if you do not want to use them yourself then at least inform students’ parents of these materials and let them use some with their kids.

That’s it about Mr. Printables -  Free k-12 flashcards and graphic organizers.

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