The Persuasion Map - free graphic organizer

The Persuasion Map is a great graphic organizer offered for free by Read Write Think. It allows students to map out their arguments for a persuasive or  argumentative   piece of writing. I really like the way this map is built for it takes into consideration the gradual development of ideas and will walk students through a step by step process of building a solid argumentative statement or thesis. The Persuasion Map starts with a thesis that describes one side of an arguable viewpoint and then moves on to state the main reasons that would convince someone of the validity of your thesis before it ends up with a conclusion that summarize the arguments mentioned in the essay.

How can i get started using Persuasion Map ?

Head over to Persuasion main page
Click on get started
fill in the boxes with your name and your title and hit get started

Provide your thesis and click on the arrow under it

provide the reasons for your arguments and again click on the arrow under the boxes

Now provide the facts and examples for each reason

Now provide you conclusion

Applications of Persuasion Map in education

Persuasion Map can help students build their argumentative essays in such a persuasive way that the flow of their ideas would sound so much natural .The aim is to foster and develop students writing skills. We want them to master the art of writing argumentative essays where they can be able to argue a thesis and convince the reader of their ideas and Persuasion Map can help in achieving this goal.

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