The Graphic Map – free graphic organizer

The Graphic Map is another free graphic organizer. This tool can be found and used for free in Read Write Think. Graphic Map as its name suggests is designed to help students and teachers in their writing and reading activities. It works according to an evaluative system that charts the high and low points related to a certain item or group of items like : chapters in a book , sums of money, events during a span of time, scenes in a play. The Graphic Map creates a graphic representation of the above mentioned elements and even categorize them in such a way that students can easily navigate the information allowing them to move around the map without having to work in a linear fashion.

How can i get started using The Graphic Map ?

Head over to The Graphic Map main page
Enter the title and author of graphic map and click on next

Now select the item you want to list

continue providing the info requested and clicking next
when you are done you then print it out

Applications of The Graphic Map in education

Graphic Map is a very important tool that students and teachers can use in their classrooms. For example it can be used as a prewriting activity with students mapping ideas for an autobiography or giving clues in group work for others to base their writings. They can also use it as a post reading task “as students map the significance of events in a story; and as a reflection and assessment activity, as students map the high and low points of their inquiry process”.

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