The Webbing Tool- free graphic organizers

The Webbing Tool is a free-form graphic organizer and a flowcharting tool that allows “ students to pursue hypersexual thinking and writing”. It is my favorite organizer as it is easy to use and does not require any kind of sin up or download. Just drag your ideas around in the organizer to arrange any layout and relationship that you want . You can trace out options and rearrange connections. You can use both the circle or box shapes with different colors on each layer. There is a help button at the top of the page to help you understand how to use this graphic organizer.


How can i get started using The Webbing Tool ?

Head over to Webbing Tool main page

Provide your name and select a shape

click on start webbing
use the tool bar on the left to select what you can do

Applications of the Webbing Tool in education

Students will like the Webbing Tool as it will help them outline their ideas in such appealing graphic representations. They can use it to analyze the reading passages they have in the curriculum. They can also use it as a prewriting task to brainstorm all the ideas and notes they want to include in their writing.

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