Character Trading Cards – Explore and Create Characters Easily

Character Trading Cards is another great education tool that educators can use with their students for free. It is thanks to Read Write Think that we have these awesome collection of creative tools at our hands. Character Trading Cards is a tool that allows students to explore a character in a book and organize info around it into a beautiful outline. Students will love it so much i am sure for it is very easy to use and offers some already premade backgrounds for you to fill in.

How can i get started using Character Trading Card ?

Head over to Character Trading Card main page
Click on Get Started and a pop up window will be displayed where you will have to fill in your name , the character’s name and story title just like i did in this screenshot and then click ok

Now fill in the info about :
1 – description :
  • setting

  • physical features

  • personality

2 – Insights :
  • thoughts

  • feelings

3 – development :
  • the character’s problem

  • The character’s goal

  • Outcome

4 – Statements and Actions :
  • what is the most important things the character says ?

  • What is the character’s most important action ?

  • How does the character get along with other characters ?

5 – My Impressions
  • What do you like most about this character ?

  • What do you dislike most about this Character ?

  • Who does this character remind you of and why ?

After you have answered and filled all the requested forms then you can press on print to get your printout .

Applications of Character Trading Cards in education

Character Trading Cards is a very important tool in education. It can be used for reading activities, students read a short passage then they try to fill in the characters info using this handy tool to demonstrate their literacy knowledge and skills . It can also be used as a prewriting activity or with narrative stories. Students hold out their character cards and prompt others to write a story about them or they can use it to play guessing games. It is so much fun for students .
That’s it about Character Trading Cards – Explore and Create Characters Easily.

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