Google Voice Search: Search Out Loud

Google Voice Search is a newly released feature by Google. You no longer need to type in your search query but just speak it out loud and Google will do the rest. I can not believe how advanced Google's technology is becoming. It is making our internet navigation way easier and quicker than anytime before. Not only Google is a great resource for educators but the best one ever.

I am crazily in love with its services and i trust them more than i trust myself. My love for Google and my deep recognition of its importance in our schooling has put me in a relentless hunt for its updates. I have even devoted a whole part of this blog to Google’s Educational Tools that every teacher should be using and i have also written an article entitled What every educator should know about google which has made the biggest hits in many educational forums and blogs. I am also working on many papers about how educators can benefit the maximum from Google , just stay tuned for the updates here and you will be able to discover many more amazing facts about this huge internet guru named Google.
As i said about Google Voice Search, queries are conducted via voice and all you need is Google Chrome 11 or higher and a built-in or attached microphone. Just click on the mic on the search bar and start speaking and whatever you say will be automatically typed in Google search bar and results will be displayed immediately.

What is Google Voice Search useful for ?

This new feature is great for
  1. people who want to search for something but are not sure about the spelling of the search terms

  2. If you want to search long queries

  3. If your hands are busy doing something else then use this voice search to search Google for you

Unfortunately this service is available just in The US for now and here is what Google has said about this:
It will take several days for Voice Search to be available to everyone. Please note Voice Search is available for US English only.
Now watch this short video to learn about Google Voice Search

That’s it about Google Voice Search: Search Out Loud.

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