Amplify – Clip and share web content easily

Amplify is a great social blogging service. It allows its users to easily clip, share and discuss things that interest them. It is a great way for educators to share interesting clips with each other or with their students. Amplify lets you not only share excerpts from articles you read on the web but also photos, and videos. What i like the most about this bookmarking tool the social part in it for you can synchronize your amplify with all your favorite social networks and blogs . Amplify is not only for bookmarking and clipping but is also a great social experience to embark on.

Some features of Amplify

Here are the main features that Amplify offers to its uses:
  • It is free

  • It requires a sign up but you can sign in with your twitter or facebook account

  • It allows users to clip parts of an article in a web and share it with others

  • It lets you share videos and photos with your colleagues

  • It lest you build your own social networks

  • It allows you to autopost to Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, Google Buzz, Tumblr, Posterous, WordPress and more

  • It offers a bookmarklet to add to your browser and has also Firefox add-on and a Google chrome extension

  • You can schedule posts on Amplify by using Calendar

  • You can post to Amplify using a generated email

  • You can also share and clip right from your Google reader

How can i gtet started using Amplify ?

Head over to Amplify main page and sign up for a free account or sign in with your Twitter and Facebook account
Now drag the Bookmarlet to your browser
Whenever you want to clip and share anything on a webpage just click on that bookmarklet and there you go.

Apllictions of Amplify in education

Amplify is one of the best educational bookmarking tools for students and teachers. It is easy to use and so students will not have issues in setting up their accounts there. Teachers can use it to clip parts of websites that are relevant to what they teach and then share them with their students.The auto posting feature Amplify offers is a great tool for teachers to let students stay updated about the latest clips they are sharing using the Facebook and Twitter .
That’s it about Amplify – Clip and share web content easily.

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