Smilebox – Mix pictures,videos, and music into slideshows

Smilebox is a cool web tool. It allows its users to easily create eye catching slideshows from pictures. This is indeed one of the easiest yet effective photo tools we can use in education. It is free and very simple to use. What i really like the most about this tool is the ability to add your videos, words, or music to your slides creating out of them an amazing slideshow to share with others.

Some features of Smilebox

Here is what Smilebox has to offer to its users:
  • It is partly free for there is a premium version with more options but for us here we can content ourselves with the free version

  • It is quick, easy to use and simple

  • It is a friendly interface

  • It allows you to create nice slideshows out of your pictures

  • You can add videos, music or just words to your slides

  • It offers more than 1000 customizable designs for any occasion and style

  • You can share your slideshows via facebook, blogger and email

How can i get started using Smilebox ?

Head over to Smilebox main page and sign up for a free account
Watch this tutorial video to learn more about this tool

Applications of Smilebox in education

Smilebox is one of the best picture tools that we can use with our students in classroom. You can use it  to create slideshows of school events or trips students have organized. You can also encourage your students to use it to create their classroom presentations or school projects.
That’s it about Smilebox – Mix pictures, videos, and music into slideshows.

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