Anmish – create funny caricatures

Anmish is a fun web application. It allows its users to create funny animations using caricatures of political figures. There are plenty of websites that offer such free services but most of them would entail you to create your own characters before you can start animating their actions and speech. Anmish is different in the sense that it provides ready made caricatures of famous political figures and it is up to you to create out of them your own animation.

Some features of Anmish

Here is a list of the main features that Anmish offers to its users:
  • It is free

  • It is easy and simple

  • It has intuitive interface

  • It requires a free  sign-up

  • It lets you create animations out of popular political figures

  • You can also use a character from a few of the cartoon puppet characters the site lets you select.

  • It lets you morph voice to suit the character you have selected

  • It has up to 3 camera positions or  animation shots

  • Animations are made public for anyone to see

How can i get started using Anmish ?

As i said before Anmish is very easy to use. Just head over to its main page and sign up for a free account.
Now that you are signed in select your character then record your voice  and have it morphed for comic effects. While you are editing your speech , you can choose the proximity of the camera from the character thus giving you three different animation shots. You can switch between these positions very easily and freely giving the video a cool sense of humor.

Applications of Anmish in education

Anmish can be a very useful tool for educators. If you want to bring some fun mixed with learning to your students and break the monotony of every day teaching then think about some funny situations of a public figure you and your students know and make out of it a funny animation and share it with your students. You can also divide them into groups and assign them popular figures and let them come up with the appropriate speech for each character. It is really so much fun and students will love it too.

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