cartoonatic - cartonize your videos easily

Cartoonatic is a great mobile app. It allows its users to turn their videos into cartoons using different cartoonish effects. If you have iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch then it is time to have some fun. Cartoonatic gives video recording a different touch and if all the videos are configured with the right preset then you can turn them into cartoons right away even while you are recording live.

Some features of Cartoonatic

Here is a list of the main features that Cartoonatic offers to its users
  • It is free

  • It is simple to sue

  • It is easy and quick

  • It offers intuitive navigation

  • It allows its uses to turn their videos into cartoons

  • It offers 9 cool video effects created by cartoon artists

  • It also offers real time preview of all these effects

  • It lets you add music and create animated masterpieces out of your videos

  • You can use the speeding up option to turn your videos into a real fun

  • Instantly share via YouTube, Facebook, Twitter or E-mail

How can i get started using Cartoonatic ?

It is very easy to use and does not need any download or software installation. Juts head over to Cartoonic page and install the app . Once installed you can then start taking videos and applying cartoonish effects very easily. There are more than 9 video effects to choose from. All these effects can be previewed in real-time. Once you are ready to shoot just point it to the subject and tap the record button. You can then add some music to it and share it using the social websites like Youtube, Facebook, or Twitter.
Here is a video tutorial to show you how Cartoonatic turns videos into cartoons
That’s it about Cartoonatic – Cartonize your videos easily.

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