educational image search engines part 2

This is a follow up post to  Educational Image Search Engines Part 1. In the previous post i have talked about issues with copyrighted materials and how to teach your students to respect owners’ copyrights when including their materials in the classroom and have also provided two Image Search Websites that are licensed under creative commons and public domain these are : Google Image Search and Morgue File . Today i will introduce you to two other websites where you can look for images and include them in your work without having to worry about copyright issues.
3 Wylio

Wylio is another image search engine that allows its users to search millions of photos that have been designated as Creative Commons works by their owners/uploaders. What really amazes me about Wylio is the fact that it provides you with an html code to use on your blog or website as an attribution to the creator of the image you are using.
Wylio does not only provide pictures but also help you do some editing and customization to the images you find. You just need to have an account, it is free and easy to use . Once you are registered you will have access to more advanced features that are not provided for passerby users.
Google has ranked Wylio with a page rank of 6 which is definitely  an authority in the topic the website talks about. Wylio is also featured on the most renowned websites like : TechCrunch, Makeuseof, and WebBeat .
If you are a teacher i advise you to keep this website in your mind whenever you are looking for visual stimulants for your students. The images are licensed under creative commons and copyright will not be an issue.

4 EduPic Graphical Resource

Edupic Graphical Resource provides free photographs and graphics for education. It is a teacher designed free image resource for educators and their students. All the images included in this website are free for use by educators and students without permission but any other user has to take permissions because all rights are reserved.
Edupic Graphical Resource is created by Mr. Vann who is already a teacher and an amateur photograph. We really thank him so much for giving us free permission to use his materials.

I like the way Mr. Vann has organized his materials. There is a tab right under the header where you can learn about contributors or browse through several categories of pictures. just hover over the tab named “ photographs” and a subset of categories will be displayed for you to choose from. You can also hover over “ Drawings “ to check the different  fields provided there.
I advise teachers and students to have recourse to this great educational resource and give it time till they get acquainted with it before starting using its materials.
Now head over to Educational Image Search Engines Part 3 to learn about the other Image Search Engines.

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