educational Image Search engines part 3

This is the third post in a series of posts designed to help educators find secure links to look for images. After a long search into Creative Commons and Public Domain Images, i come up with a list of the most renowned image search engines that provide free licensed photos. I have already provided some  of these search engines in the first two parts and if you have not already checked those posts then click on any link below to direct you back to those articles :
Educational Image Search Engines part 1 :
In this part i have talked about :
  1. Google Image search

  2. Morgue File

Educational  Image Search Engines Part 2 :
In this part i have covered :
  1. Wylio

  2. Edupic Graphical Resource

and today i will be talking about :
  1. The World Images Kiosk

  2. ImageBase

  3. Photo 8

  4. Yahoo Image Search

The world Images Kiosk

The world Images Kiosk is another image search engine that offers more than 75.000 images that teachers and students in their academic endeavors. This website is hosted by San Jose State University . The World Images includes all areas of visual imagery and it uses simple techniques to browse through its directory. You can for example use Quick Search option to quickly locate a picture or use The Advanced and ADA Searches options to have more features included in your search query.
The images are organized into over 800 portfolios that appear alphabetically in the portfolio list. Use the Browse Collections Tab to explore its database that is hierarchically organized starting with continents and subject groupings.
Remember all the images are licensed under a Creative Commons License which means that you need to give proper attribution when necessary.

ImageBase is another great resource site for teachers and students looking for licensed pictures. ImageBase offers more than one hundred pages of images that can be freely reused and redistributed.
ImageBase is created by a professional photographer named David Niblack to help educators have access to free image resources. This website does not only offer images but also Hundreds of PowerPoints. I highly recommend ImageBase to teachers and students and i would love that you keep it in your mind next time you want to look for an online graphical  resource.
Photo 8

Photos 8 is another resource for teachers and students looking for images that are in the public domain. It offers “free Photos and Wallpapers, Large collection of high resolution stock photos, Thousands of high quality pictures”. There are roughly 24 categories to browse through starting with Animals and ending with Travel.
Photos 8 is created by Sam Mugraby who is a professional photographer. Sam is making his photos available to anyone who wants them for any purpose including commercial. Just make sure you comply with his terms and conditions.
Yahoo Image Search

Like Google Image Search , Yahoo has also another service that allows its users to look for Creative Commons Licensed pictures. Yahoo uses a developed filter to provide the exact results for example you can filter your search to look for just images that are under the Creative Commons License or you can use it to look for images that can be used just for commercial purposes. Head over to Yahoo Image Search and start your experience.

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