nachofoto – real time image search engine

Nachofoto is a real time image search engine. This post is, in fact is, an addition to the series of posts i have covered about educational image search engines. If you haven't had a look at these posts then i invite you to check :
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Today i am presenting to you Nachofoto which is a great image search engine that is designed to bring you the best results from across the web using a sophisticated search algorithm. It covers queries about entities and events such as : celebrities, movies, tv, music artists, sports, politicians, products, the royal wedding, london olympics, japan earthquake.

How can i get started usng Nachofoto ?

Here is a short video tutorial to show you how you can use this cool web application

I invite educators to try this tool inside their classrooms and show their students how to use it . I am quite sure you will find it very beneficial.

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